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Computer Numerically Controlled

CNC Routing is highly accurate routing. The CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. The routing is similar to hand routing using a hand router. However, CNC routers are usually much larger and more powerful. When you add CNC to the equation, you get better accuracy and precision coupled with the ability to make many accurate parts quickly.

CNC routing machines work by translating programmed instruction coordinates into precision motion along the path specified. The CNC router uses a tool to machine that path to produce the desired profile. This allows a programmer to write a part program and route many identical parts today, and then run that same program weeks or months from now and get identical parts that will fit just as well as those made today.

It might be just a computer, but sometimes it acts more like a naughty kid than a machine... Then we tame the temper and produce limited quantities of custom designs and words out of different types of wood. Sometimes we even delve into the Plexiglas side of things to assist with the design of a prototype of some sort. OR just a nice crown for the princess' room with a few ponies to boot that can be fixed to a cupboard door or the toy box.

So in our environment it is being used to add a bit more custom to what our clients want. Even when we have to redesign an object that was seen somewhere and then made especially for a space in your home, we will try our best to get made.

Because we can make multiple copies of a single design it is possible for us to supply raw (unpainted/finished) products to a local empowerment initiative in Swellendam and so provide a new skill to people that can be used to generate an income for them. And so they can then support their families and the circle continues to grow.

We also like to play and here is where the custom [more often than not] once of designs comes into play. From a photo album cover to special letters, words or layouts for the bride and groom looking at making their special day even more special. At the moment we are hard at work to get a design out for a different kind of lampshade, plus the new trophies for Western Province's rifle target shooting champions.

To see what we have done have a look at the CNC gallery. And for more information contact us or phone us at 028 514 3291 and 087 001 0055 to have a look at how a chair is made.

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