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How a Pionier chair is made

Just think back when you got you first pet. From begging your parents for that little pup at the pet shop or the littlest hamsters in little Jonny's hamster cage that his mom doesn't like at all and you wanted to take one home, forgetting about the kitten that is a big cat now and likes bringing home it's catch to show off. In our case it is the search for the right raw material that will make the difference in a good or an excellent piece.

After we have found suitable raw material the basic shapes are cut for the legs and back slats, this is done to minimise waist and to make sure that the optimum is taken from what we have to work with. Then it is off to the plane horse and draw knife where 85% of the chair is made/created. The back slats are steamed and then pressed to give us that distinctive curve. When all the components are cut, it is off to the assembly table. Here a few clamps, a measuring tape and strong wood glue are all that is used to construct the frame of the chair.

The paint finish is done before the sea grass seat is woven. And here we give you the options to have an unpainted and just sealed or any of the following finishes; distressed, weathers or aged to name a few. You will be surprised to see what is used, but that is our little secret and years of experimenting to find the most effective process for the desired result.

And now the last bit, the seat. What is a chair without a seat? In our case, not a finished chair… The sea grass is imported in bales that we then scale down to manageable pieces. This seat is woven by hand and on average takes an hour to weave when done by trained hands. And seeing these swift actions will make you stand in awe of what it take just to have a soft and comfortable place for you to relax and have a coffee, read a book or enjoying the company of great friend around the dinner table. If the woven seat is not what you are looking for we also offer a solid wooden seat made from the same raw material and finished the way you like it to look. Or even an upholstered seat to match the decor in your home.

Some of our clients have even taken their favourite chair with on an extended holiday just to have the comfort of home with them. This is why the Pionier Chairs are like a dear friend that will be with you for a season in your life or share life with you and be part of you till the end.

Contact us or phone us at 028 514 3291 and 087 001 0055 to have a look at how a chair is made.

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