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A minimum of 70%(seventy percent) deposit will be asked on any work with a value of more than R10 000 (ten thousand rand) and 100%(one hundred precent) for any work less than R10 000(ten thousand) before any work will be started.

Quoted prices, unless specified, for any products does not include transport or packaging costs.

Any extra work that gets added during an installation/project will be treated as new work and will not be seen as the same installation/project. Pionier Meubels has the authority to invoice customers during projects for work that has been done and need to be paid as requested within 2 Days from invoice date.

Pionier Meubels is not liable for any damage accured when removing old kitchens. All Plumbing and Electrical work is for the customers own account.

Any goods stored on the premises will be charged at R50.00/m2 (per square meter) per day. Products stored more than 26 days on the premises will be sold to repay expenses.

All products remain the property of Pioneer Meubels CC till final payment is received and confirmed.

Please note, by not paying the account on time could result in one or all of the following measures be implemented:

  1. 1. The account is blocked for the release and execution of any further orders.
  2. 2. Where applicable, settlement discount is forfeited.
  3. 3. Interest on overdue amounts is levied and the account is handed over to an collection agency.

To avoid any or all of the above measures being implemented, we request that you ensure the payment of amounts due on time.

For any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

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